Payoff/Request for Release of Mortgage


Determine whether a repayment is required.


Use FHLBank Topeka's Repayment/Request for Release Worksheet to determine whether a repayment is required, the amount to be repaid (if any) and to request a Release of Mortgage if the retention period has expired. The Repayment/Request for Release instructions and worksheet are located on the right. The worksheet is a Microsoft Excel tool that will walk you through the steps to determine whether the grant is past retention, whether repayment is required, and, if repayment is required, the amount of the repayment. In addition, it identifies the documentation FHLBank requires to complete our analysis. 

If you have any questions contact Housing and Community Development (HCD) 1.866.571.8155. 


Securely transfer Repayment/Request for Release workbooks and related documentation with Proofpoint.

FHLBank Topeka is now utilizing Proofpoint to ensure the secure electronic transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) to FHLBank. Sign up for a Proofpoint account to begin transferring Repayment/Request for Release workbooks and accompanying documentation. Housing and Community Development will no longer accept documents through TrueShare after 5 p.m., Monday, Dec. 12, 2016. 


You must sign-up for an account before transferring documents. 

Download the complete Proofpoint User Guide here.

**Please note: You must verify your Proofpoint account within 30 minutes after receiving the verification email or you will be required to register again. 

You may utilize the Proofpoint button below to register for a Proofpoint account. Once you have registered, the Proofpoint button below can be used to access Proofpoint to securely transfer all Repayment/Request for Release documents. Please email all Repayment/Request for Release documents to thru Proofpoint. If you have any issues using Proofpoint, contact HCD at 866.571.8155 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday.



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