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Pledging sufficient collateral assures you have readily available access to our reliable, efficiently priced funding.


Each member or housing associate of FHLBank  is required to pledge sufficient eligible collateral to secure all extensions of credit, including advances, letters of credit, draws on standby credit facilities, MPF Program Credit Enhancement obligations and derivative transactions. 


Please refer to the Member Products and Services Guide - specifically the Schedule of Eligible Collateral (linked at right) - for full Collateral requirements.



Meet Your Collateral Review Officer, Mike Stottmann 


Do you have experience working at a community financial institution? 
I began my career as an agricultural lender for six years with the Federal Land Bank, followed by 16 years in both commercial and agricultural lending in Kansas at a community bank, a regional bank and a national bank.

What is the most important personal attribute you bring to the job?
Professional demeanor and friendly personality.


What is the favorite part of your job?
The variety of life experiences that stems from working with member institutions of all sizes and locations in our four-state district.



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