Alternative numbers for FHLBank Topeka

Currently our individual lines, toll-free lines and main number are not working. Our Members Only website and email are functional. If you need to reach us by phone, please use the secondary numbers listed here.


Toll-free: 866.571.8155  |  Local: 785.233.0507  |  FAX: 785.234.1765


Community Programs Staff:

Tom Thull, First Vice President, Director of Housing and Community Development, ext. 6029 

Mark Ward, AVP, Community Programs, Technology, Compliance and Reporting Manager, ext. 6037 

Area of expertise: CHP/CDP, community support statements, AHP/HSP compliance

Mike Borcher, AVP, AHP Manager, ext. 6237

Area of expertise: AHP


Eric Degenhardt, HCD Specialist II, ext. 6254 

Area of expertise: AHP

John Gary, HCD Coordinator, AHP Developmental Feasibility, ext. 6269

Area of expertise: Project progress/construction cost reasonableness

Savanna Gonzalez, HCD Specialist, ext. 6034

Area of expertise: AHP


Jennifer Kathrens, Community Programs and Records Specialist, ext. 6030

Area of expertise: CDP/CHP and Community Support Statements

Joan LickteigHCD Specialist II, ext. 6229 
Area of expertise: AHP

Randi Lutz, HCD Coordinator, Operations & Reporting, ext. 6032

Area of expertise: HCD department operations and meeting materials


Kelly Meerpohl, HCD Specialist, ext. 6255
Area of expertise: AHP

Alyse Mioni, HCD Coordinator, AHP Rental, ext. 6246

Area of expertise: Rental AHP

Dustie Nitcher, HCD Coordinator, AHP Owner Occupied, ext. 6031

Area of expertise: Owner-occupied AHP

Jessica Puvogel, HCD Coordinator, Homeownership Set-aside Program, ext. 228.5963 

Area of expertise: Homeownership Set-aside Program

Melody Richard, HCD Specialist, ext. 6033 

Area of expertise: AHP

Utika ScalesHCD Administrative Specialist, ext. 6035

Area of expertise: Owner-occupied payoffs and retention documents

Erika Skinner, HCD Specialist, ext. 6247

Area of expertise: AHP 


Terri Smith, HCD Coordinator, Compliance and Quality Control, ext. 6289

Area of expertise: procedures, forms, compliance


One Security Benefit Place
Suite 100 | Topeka, KS 66606





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