Our easy-to-use safekeeping services can reduce the time your staff spends monitoring balances. 


FHLBank Topeka has provided safekeeping services for more than 40 years and currently services a member portfolio of approximately $43 billion  -- more than 8,400 securities for 177 financial institutions. 


Additional safekeeping benefits include competitive fees, knowledgeable staff and online intraday reporting.  


About FHLBank Safekeeping 

  • State approved as a depository institution for securities pledged to public unit deposits 
  • Trade settlement processing (including transactions for physical securities, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Depository Trust Clearing Corp.)  
  • Detailed records maintain integrity and safety of your portfolio, including reporting statements of current holdings/market value and pledged security information 
  • Security pledging, joint custody, segregating and repurchase transactions  
  • Claims processing for timely resolution of payments for principal and interest, maturities, calls or other transactions having the potential to reduce income flow 
  • Pledging of FHLBank overnight deposits or certificates of deposit to a third party or to collateralize balances






Safekeeping and Collateral operations 

877.933.7803  |  Fax: 785.234.1790 or 785.234.1794


Elaine Shumaker ext. 6097 

Erin Lewis ext. 6139 

Heather Pfannenstiel ext. 6260 

Tina Klobnak ext. 6085 
Lindsee Myers ext. 6098

Mike Metevier ext. 6100 

Debbie Stewart ext. 6064





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